Henning von Berg

Henning von Berg is one of the world’s best-published German photographers for artistic nudes with female and male models. Dedicated to “Character Portraits” and “Nude Studies”, his portfolio has become instantly recognizable worldwide.

Henning von Berg's specialty is compositions of human bodies under natural sunlight conditions (available light) at unique locations.

His work has to date been embraced in more than 575 international publications, including 62 books (55 compilations and 7 monographs) and 11 art catalogues. The artistic portfolio was presented in 59 exhibitions in art galleries as well as known museums on 4 continents.

After 13 years of working near Hanover as an architectural chief-engineer, in 1997 at age 35, von Berg changed his successful career and made his former hobby of photography into his new profession. Quickly he gained attention by producing unusual group shoots and whimsical nudes.

Mostly he works with female and male amateurs. One of his signature series is featuring the weathered faces of centenarians (>100 years). HvB’s oldest model so far is a 108 year/old lady.

His favorite photo subjects range from aristocrats to prostitutes, athletes as well as disabled people, common folks and celebrities.

Although a descendant from a traditional noble background with a family tree of more than 600 years, engaged human rights activist HvB often intentionally breaks taboos and restrictions to open our eyes to new perspectives.

HvB divides his time between Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Springs, and Berlin.

Artist Statement:
Celebrating The Beauty Of Diversity! – Diversity Is Beautiful!

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Ergebnisse 1 – 12 von 29 werden angezeigt