Sean Alistair

High Tide 


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2020, Acrylic paint, acrylic ink, hand embroidery, assorted glass and plastic beads, paillettes on canvas. 61 x 122 cm

The life of a queer person is one of being painfully aware of every single action, word said, thought expressed and the possible backlash they may face due to their existence; in turn a queer person’s life is spent filled with blurry uncertainty. The portrait within this body of work expresses this journey whereas the accompanying eyes showcase a more honest interpretation of a Queer person’s inner self. Regardless of the current level of tolerance and education towards marginalized persons, those who live within those communities still feel the pressure to “mask” for their own safety and the chance to live a somewhat normal life. However through times of great emotion the first area of a person to expose the most sincere and honest of feelings are always the eyes. 

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Größe 121 × 61 cm