Anka Dabrowska

Raving Dyke


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Mixed medium (collage, wallpaper sample, spray paint, photograph, paint, tape), 21 x 29 cm, 2023

My practice is rooted in drawing and the forming of numerous representations of urban environments. I also create sculptures and installations from found materials as extensions of ideas that inform my two dimensional based pieces. My works are born out of extensive research that I undertake in a given city, town, place, space. By mapping those through intense research projects I collect hidden traces, stories, public and private histories . My interest is in brutalist architecture, territories both real and imagined, my own memories of growing up in Warsaw, universal memories, stories of a given place, transformation and regeneration. 

Recent project focuses on Margate’s coastal path remaining sea shelters. The evolving role of the English seaside in the expression and repression of the body, gender and sexuality, with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ subjects. Focusing on the history of seaside shelters; functions, architecture, contributions to the landscape, shifting meanings, vandalism, erosion, natural decomposition and destruction. 

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Größe 21 × 29 cm